With lion´s smile


With lion´s smile - Right after we decided to establish a Fila Brasileiro breeding station, I spent many long winter evenings trying to come up with the perfect name for this marvelous breed. I was a little bored so my eyes strayed to my digital photo frame, which showed rotating pictures of our travels around East Africa.  Suddenly, I saw a beautiful, smiling female lion walking majestically around Serengeti National Park...this picture looked so much like Daarlen, who was standing close to the frame.  I finally had discovered the perfect name!



Fila Brasileiro


This dog´s unique temperament is a reason for one Brazilian saying - Loyal like Brasilian Mastiff. With loyality  to a family he is an unapproachable guardian to strangers.

Invincible hunter and brave guardian!



Litter "A"

After many health complications during Daarlen´s pregnancy we have two sweet puppies.



30.6. - 2.7.2009 Daarlen Santa Catarina and Bradock JB da Santa Luzía were mating. We are looking forward to puppies around 1.9.2009.

Bradock JB da Santa Luzía

Activation websides

We started the breeding station website, WITH LION´S SMILE today.

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